Diet Pill For Women Diet Pills Anoretix Review – Complete Information – Diet Pill For Women

Anoretix Review – Complete Information – Diet Pill For Women

Anoretix Review - Complete Information - Diet Pill For Women

Anoretix is one of the most popular diet pills in the market today – and for a good reason. Compared to other diet pills in the market, this diet pill is actually backed by different clinical studies not only per ingredient but as a pill as well. Other diet pills claim that their product is effective because one of the ingredients could help you lose weight. This claim is just plain wrong since the mixture of ingredients could diminish the effect of the ingredient. On the other hand, Anoretix assures their customers that each of their ingredients are tested and proven to foster weight loss.

What made this diet pill different from other pills in the market today are their patented ingredients. Take note that the ingredients are not proprietary but patented. Proprietary just means they own the formula of the ingredients but for patented ingredients, they actually licensed that ingredient with the government. For a weight loss ingredient to be accepted, the ingredient has to be backed by clinical studies.

Anoretix Review - Complete Information - Diet Pill For Women

The makers of Anoretix didn’t only patent one ingredient but nine ingredients. That means every ingredient in Anoretix is backed by clinical studies to be efficient in helping its customers achieve weight loss.

The following are the ingredients of Anoretix:

  • Super CitriMax
  • Tonalin
  • Advantra Z
  • NeOpuntia
  • Phase 2
  • ForsLean
  • 7 KETO
  • ChromeMate
  • BioPerine

As we’ve already indicated each of these ingredients are patented and tested. Super CitriMax is certified by Georgetown University Medical Center in US and Andhra University in India. They help their users control their appetite as well as helping them in burning fat.

Advantra Z is truly a unique ingredient in Anoretix. Although it just another thermogenic ingredient (for metabolism), it is the only thermogenic ingredient to be patented.

Other ingredients (except) BioPerine are known to help curb appetite, breakdown fats or increase metabolism in the body. The makers are honest enough to inform you that these ingredients will only work if you have the right exercise and diet.

BioPerine on the other hand is not a weight loss ingredient. This was added to the diet pill so that it could increase the absorption of nutrients. If you take this pill with a multivitamin, you have a great weight loss product and a healthy dose of vitamins in your body.

However I saw a claim about Anoretix that you could lose as much as 12 lbs. in three days. That claim is a little bit crazy but when you take a closer look, you will only lose 12 lbs. if you are obese and could lose 100 lbs. in excess fat.

But the best part on Anoretix is their guarantee. You will see some products that offer a 30 or 90 day guarantee but Anoretix is even more – the manufacturer offer a lifetime guarantee on their product. If you don’t think it will work on you, just return the unused bottle and expect a refund from the company.

Using only the best ingredients in the market today with great business tactics, Anoretix ranks high above most weight loss products today.